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Vilnius PHP

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Vilnius PHP


Every first Thursday of the month is the Vilnius PHP meetup time! We kept meeting for every month for more than 8 years already, no matter what.


  1. Audrius Bugas, VP Technology at HomeToGo: Exploring content delivery networks
    “What’s the best content delivery network? Some say it’s the one with the most locations, others suggest any differences are minor. At HomeToGo we’ve learned that it heavily depends on the use case. In striving to provide users with the highest reliability and also achieve top performance, it’s crucial to make our decisions on the basis of real user experience data. I will share our way of looking for the best service.”

  2. Vytautas Beliunas, Dokobit: Time to think about security
    Recent events have shown us all the importance of PHP security. In this talk I’ll show some real-life examples of attempts to take over databases. I’ll also share some tips based on my own experience of protecting users and data.


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