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Every first Thursday of the month is the Vilnius PHP meetup time! We kept meeting for every month for more than 7 years already, no matter what.

* Vytautas Verseckas: Canary release su Cloudflare Workers
Cloudflare Workers tai galimybė programuoti logiką Cloudflare edge tinkle, arti kliento, kur jis bebūtų. Apžvelgsiu koncepciją, įrankius ir panaudos atvejus. Papasakosiu apie Canary release strategijos įgyvendinimą su Cloudflare Worker ir pakeliui išmoktas pamokas.

* Marco Rosello: Manging better mysql schema changes with Skeema
Finding a better way to manage mysql schema in local and production. Skeema allows you have multiple database with the same schema, have clear changes and some advance options to automate the process in production.

* Estina - The heroes of e-commerce -

* Miesto Laboratorija

* Barkodas

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