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This group is for classy, upscale professionals in the Twin Cities (preferably 30s and up) Singles, Newly Singles, Married Couples, New in Town. This group is a great way to make new friends and have a good time as well. If you like dress up Classy, Hip, Sharp, Trendy, this group is for you!

Meet Professional Members and have a good conversation at a Classy Lounge, Upscale Hotel, Posh Bar among other places. We will be hosting a wide range of events that fits everyone’s style.

Come check-out this fun, exciting newly renovated meet up group. We will develop friendships, have fun times, and we want make everyone feel welcome in the group.

If you have any questions or suggestions on events you’d like to see feel free to contact us anytime.

Welcome to the VIP Nightlife!


Raymond M – Organizer

Chris Hoppe- Co-Organizer

Upcoming events (5+)

GameNight! Trifecta... Taps, Tapas, and Tabletop games! At Union 32 Craft House!

• What we'll do We're going to do our weekly GameNight! thing at a special, NEW location this time... way, way, waaaaaaaaaay down in EAGAN. That's in Minnesota. Yep, for sure, you betcha! If they have a 55121 zip code, then I say they are close enough to go to. Don't argue, just grab a ride and get headed south of the city line. LOL. I went here recently and saw that this place would be perfect for a GameNight! Not only are they fairly new, but they have a cool concept, "pour your own beer". So what? Well, they have 32 different taps to choose from. Four that they brew themselves on the premises. That makes them an official brewpub. (So you know I can't resist.) Then there is a full bar, and finally they have a food truck ON PREMISES! (Sorta) It's really just a kitchen behind what LOOKS like a food truck window, but that is so awesome anyway. Great menu choices too, I can't wait to try some of the food, and it's at reasonable prices, you know, LIKE A REAL FOOD TRUCK. They have a unique beer payment system for all that great beer also...... You get an electronic card that keeps track of what you pour, how much you take, what it will cost, the total that you've spent, and TELLS YOU WHEN YOU'VE HAD ENOUGH! Genius! (even if a little big brother-ish scary. Lol.) But wait. there's more..... I made arrangements with the management that for this first time, we can get a tour of the brewery as long as we can have a group of ten or more. Cost is $10, and that includes a complimentary flight of beer ($7.50 value) ... so, CHEAP! The beer tour will start at 5:30pm, so come early. (& stay late?) Even though the main room is big enough for all of us on a Sunday night to play our boardgames, they have a private party room, and it's reserved just for us. Separate, quiet, well-lit, lots of table space, what more could a boardgames group want? It's even next to the rest rooms, for quick breaks from Settlers of Catan, or whatever you're playing! Lots of parking space, since this IS in the suburban outskirts of Saint Paul, and I think we will be happy as clams. Or meeples. Whatever. Your assignment, is find a way to get there. Yes... I know that Eagan is a long-distance phone call from your home. So use a car instead. My trip will take an extra 15 MINUTES to get there. OMG! Your mileage may vary (YMMV). Come on, it's not every week that you'll get such a cool chance to have SIX HOURS of fun for the price of a burger and beer. I think you will like this spot as much as I did, even if you don't drink a drop of the 32 well-chosen beers they have to offer. Need more convincing? Here is a few links to their website, their menu (for dinner), all their beers they have available, and their Facebook page..... https://www.union32crafthouse.com/ https://www.union32crafthouse.com/dinner/ https://www.facebook.com/U32Crafthouse/ https://www.facebook.com/U32Crafthouse/ Good enough? Great, let's get together this coming Sunday night at a NEW spot to place some boardgames! • What to bring Bring yourself, any friends you would like to have along, maybe some boardgames that you own and want to play with other folks. Money to support the location with food and beverage purchases is always thoughtful too! • Important to know We have the party room reserved just for us. Go to the hallway past the tapwall (towards the restrooms) See the curtained off doorway? There we are! Call/text Chris at[masked] if you need extra help or information.

GameNight! at BIG LOUIE'S BAR & GRILL every Tuesday, in Crystal (a NEW location)

• What we'll do ... It's a NEW location for Tuesday night GameNight! at BIG LOUIE'S BAR and GRILL in Crystal, MN Join us on Tuesday nights for a weekly board game meetup at BIG LOUIE'S BAR and GRILL in Crystal. As a courtesy to our hosts, please buy some food or drinks and tip generously (we take up their tables for an entire night). Here is their menu link: http://biglouiesbarandgrill.com/files/bl/menu.pdf Here is their main website link: http://www.biglouiesbarandgrill.com/ Please bring games if you have them so we'll have plenty to choose from. Official start time is 5:00pm but if people show up early or later that's okay, too. (Mark likes to show up around 3:30pm, for example...) They do close at 2am. We generally play "modern" board games as opposed to old standards like Monopoly or Scrabble. They run from light, breezy games that take 15-30 minutes or more up to "brain burner" ones that go for a couple of hours. But even if you haven't played board games since Candyland, don't be intimidated. Teaching games is something we do every meetup, and half the fun is learning something new. There are so many games out there that nobody has seen them all. We welcome gamers of all races, genders, orientations, religions, backgrounds, experience level and anything else you can think of - let's play some games! Hope to see you there! Your host, Chris Hoppe TTFN! • What to bring Bring yourselves! LOL! ... and maybe any friend who you'd also like to play boardgames with. • Important to know P.S. .... Look for the boardgamers with piles of cardboard game boxes nearby. Signage may be displayed to help you spot the group... Call or text Chris Hoppe if you need more information or help at:[masked]

WEEKLY GameNight! at Surly Brewery "Pizza Upstairs" area (with a special deal!)

Here is your weekly opportunity to enjoy 3 of the best things in life.... Beer, Pizza, and Boardgames! You can order any of the many good Surly brews, (especially the special ones from downstairs), play their FREE boardgames with us upstairs, bring your own favorites if you would like, and even order one of their specialty pizzas. And do this every week on Wednesday, ....if you want to! The Surly brewery has been offering a special Wednesday night deal on a pitcher of Surly beer, a pizza, and choice of either appetizer or salad, for only $40. ....SWEET! It's in their "Pizza Upstairs" area. The pizza is good, the beer is good, the whole deal is good! And they encourage you to play some boardgames while you're there. They have some, I have more, and some folks have been bringing their own games for awhile now.... so let's join them! GameNight! is my brand for Meetup events that feature modern stuff to play. NO Monopoly allowed! LOL. Anything else like easy introductory games you could find at Target, up to hard-core brain-burner games from Kickstarter or BoardGameGeek.... if you want to play them, we can play them also. Drop in, buy some food and beers, have some fun for hours. Surly closes at 11pm, so if you get there at 4pm, it only costs $5.71/hr. at one of the best breweries around town. How can you go wrong? It might be the best pizza, beer, and company anywhere in town. Come in and join us at Surly Brewing Co. we will have board games for all types of board game enthusiasts, beer lovers, pizza eaters, and fun folks of any kind. You don't even need to play games! Just hang out with us if you'd like to just do that. We're friendly Meetup people who look forward to seeing you this Wednesday, or next Wednesday, or the Wednesday after that, or after that, or.... you get the idea! BTW.... I organized this for 11 different Meetup groups. If you only see my RSVP, don't worry - there will be a lot of people from Meetup to congregate with and have fun together. All are welcome, it's an inclusive event for everybody. Just drop in, go upstairs (they even have an elevator!), ....Meetup with others and have a good time! See you at Surly! your Hosts/Organizers, Chris Hoppe and Allen TTFN....

GameNight! goes to the Twin Cities 400 Tavern! (every 4th Sunday of each month)

If it's Sunday, it's GameNight again! For the fourth Sunday of every month, we have a reservation for the group at the Twin Cities 400 Tavern... in Minneapolis! Expect Good food, good drinks, good servers, a good location, and good ambiance. (OMG, we are going to cross the river, visit the enemy to the west, get lost in the outskirts of the cities...) LOL! Actually, I found this newly remodeled hotel restaurant/bar just over the border... in the area by where I-35W, Hwy. 36, and MN Hwy 280 all sort of meet and get tangled up in the industrial park between the twin cities. You won't even need a passport! It's a nice place with a large meeting room area just for us to use all night long. Good menu, good bar and beer selection, I really hope you will like it, it has a lot to offer. Here is some website and menu information... https://www.tc400tavern.com/ https://www.tc400tavern.com/lunch-dinner-menu/ https://www.tc400tavern.com/bar-menu/ (And as always, please remember to tip your servers generously!) So, you ask... Why Move GameNight!™ to a new place every week? Because I want to stir up the humdrum regularity of the same place every week routine that GameNight! got into after being a Meetup for over six years, that's why! Sure the games are often new, and always fun, and it's great to see all the regulars who show up often enough that we usually have over twenty to thirty or more players on any given Sunday night. But getting out of the house should be special, and a new spot to enjoy every week will help do just that. Plus, there's no law that says we can't go back to a favorite place from the past. One more thing... you are welcome (and encouraged) to suggest a location that you'd like to see used for this series of Meetups in the future. Saint Paul area has been where we have met usually (scattered North, South, East, and elsewhere in town), but I am open to anywhere that is popular with the group members. So make a comment below to let me know what and where YOU want to play boardgames, okay? How our Boardgamer Meetup group works is simple: I always bring a bunch of my games that I think are good for our group. Old, new, hard, easy, weird, you name it. The folks who show up pick or suggest what they'd like to play... Enough people, and we can play several games at once. Easy-peasy, it's just like a democracy! (But more fun.) What's next and new? We shall see. Bring anything you'd like to play (and maybe teach to the group). We could even go back and replay a game that we liked before. Imagine that! See you there, and remember what Wil Wheaton says... "Play more games!" Your host, Chris Hoppe TTFN! • Important to know Go to the back of the restaurant, we have a reservation for their party room. Look for the host ... (Chris Hoppe,[masked] if you need to text/talk to me for more information) ... get a nametag, meet some new gameplaying friends, and have fun!

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