Functional Near Infrared Spectroscopy, a talk by J. Toomim about FNIRS & more.

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Functional Near Infrared Spectroscopy, a talk by Jonathan Toomim about FNIRS & more.

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Jonathan Toomim, who is a Neuroscientist by training, will talk about brain computer interfaces and more, specifically he will talk about FNIRS: Functional Near Infrared Spectroscopy, a product that he built in 2014 before he started getting involved with projects like Xthinner and Blocktorrent

Here are some interesting links about Toomim that may give you an idea about some of the interesting projects he has been involved in.

"Hemo-EncephalographyIn 1999, the late Hershel Toomim and Robert Marsh were awarded the US patent on HEG. HEG uses light to observe blood in the brain through the skull.In 2009, Hershel Toomim and I had the opportunity to discuss the wave. Had he seen it using HEG? His answer was, that he had looked for it, but “No”, he had not seen it. His thinking was that for cerebral homeostasis, the brain micro-manages blood flow, normalizing the wave.
"Hemo-EncephalographyBut could it be a matter of filtering, i.e. very low frequency signals were being excluded? (The way we were able to see the wave plethysmographically was by eliminating the low frequency filtering of the state-of-the-art heart rate variability instrument.)Hershel and I agreed to consider it..He passed away in 2011 at age 95.
"This year I learned that Jonathan Toomim, Hershel’s grandson had continued his HEG research.I connected with Jonathan via Skype, and learned that he had developed a research instrument without filtering."

After the talk folks will get to try an FNIRS device and also an EIT Electrical Impedance Tomography device called Spectra by Jean Rintoul

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