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The purpose of this group is to help you achieve your goals and provide you with techniques to become successful in every aspect of your day today.

This group does require you to participate, if you're in our yearly group so we can track your success.

This isn't your ordinary Vision Board group layout or design.

Anyone can join this group who's willing to put in the work to make themselves better.

At these events it will be a little arts and crafts to create a creative vision board and how to structure your vision board so you can achieve everything listed on your board.

Also, there is a fee to attended so people will be accountable to show up and it covers supplies and materials that will be needed.
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Celebration & (Meet and Greet)

Exchange Place

Hello everyone come to this free event and enjoy food and drinks.

We will be celebrating achievements and accomplishments of individuals in this group and our other group.

Bring your business cards or any other networking material.

Come out and see our physical location.

February Vision board start

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Welcome to the redesigned vision boards only meet up group due to high online demand we have decided to offer once a month vision boards meetings.

Everybody starts at a different month of the year. Maybe this month is your month to take charger and make that big change.

Come prepared have your ideas on what you would like to accomplish this year and pictures already cut out and ready to paste. Big goals have a minimum of four.

1:00pm Introductions
1:15pm Is this your first time doing a vision board? And if not was your vision board effective?
1:30pm What services we provide in our monthly vision board meetings to members
1:40pm What to expect from this group
1:50pm start putting together
1:55pm Host speaks


We will touch basis on what you have completed any assistance need with vision board focus.
Additional techniques if need accountability partner
share accomplishments
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Vision Board 2nd quarter meeting

Exchange Place


Welcome to the 2nd quarter vision board meeting.

During this meeting we will continue with your 2023 vision board. If you are new, I will help you get started on your outline for your vision board

We will discuss the techniques I provided to you are you using them are you getting things done and accomplished on your vision board why or why not. Have you put forth the work?

I will provide the vision board, Glue, Markers, Glitter, and accessories. Feel free to bring in additional items of your own. (Pictures, magazines, Pinterest snips, anything that you see in you see forthcoming 2023).

I will also provide the journals and techniques sheets that correlates with your vision board. I will go more in depth on how the vision board will work to your benefit and how the class will go.

Please have an idea of what you would like to get accomplished during the 2023 year if you are new.

Have a quote in mind that inspires you.

Remember you are not required to share what you're putting on your vision board we do sharing at the end of each quarter for whoever chooses to share.

We conduct Monthly follow up meetings on Zoom plus more

Thank you in advance for signing up I can guarantee you that this upcoming year you'll achieve so much being a part of this group.
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Vision Board Monthly meeting

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Let's talk

#dedication # commitment # motivation # no excuses # accountability

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Vision Board monthly meeting

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