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What we’re about

If you like the idea of always being challenged with new exercise routines or sequences while getting a great workout then visYoga is for you. If you like the idea of walking around feeling powerful, strong and ready for the world then visYoga is for you.

visYoga is an ever-evolving physical and mental conditioning system that incorporates the mindfulness and movements found in yoga. The alertness and awareness found in the martial arts, the conditioning of personal training, the practicality of natural movement and isometrics found in every-day life, and the benefits of mindful breathing.

visYoga is not just a workout, visYoga is a lifestyle. It is a way moving through the world while being mindful and in control of your own physicality while all along trying to be mindful of others as we try to better the lives of others around us by helping them see and realize their own strength. 

Share all that is good in you.