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What we’re about

Welcome to the VOCAL BRILLIANCE Meetup group!

This group caters to all types of singers. Whether you’re a seasoned professional, an intermediate hobbyist, or a complete beginner hoping to get your feet wet; whether your focus is Pop, Rock, R&B, Musical Theater, Jazz, Classical…there will be an event designed perfectly for you.

Our primary purpose is to have fun becoming better singers; to improve together as vocalists and performers beyond where we are at present. The “how” depends largely on our current level of proficiency, our current forms of training and experience, and where our interests lie.

Each event is geared towards different singers with different goals. Some events will be designed for beginners looking to get their feet wet among friends. Some will be for seasoned professionals to work on specific sticking points in their technique, delivery, etc. Some will be for intermediate singers who just want to have fun with other singers, in a non-intimidating climate, honing their voices and craft. 

Events will include, but will not be limited to:

▐ ►  Fun outings to open-mic events, conventional and live-band karaoke nights, piano bars, and other venues for public singing among peers.

▐ ►  Group vocal classes and workshops, focusing on everything from proper warm-ups, breathing, ear training, conquering stage fright, resonance and range expansion, to song interpretation, audition preparation, vocal improvisation, or even specific “sticking points” some of us might collectively want to work through together.

▐ ►  Group members’ gigs/performances: a great way to gain motivation and learn is to support your peers as they perform in their individual projects (artists supporting each other can be invaluable!).  

( *Please note: to avoid spamming and in fairness to active members, these outings will be largely in support of members who have actively participated in other events.)

Note from the group’s moderator:

I’ve been a private vocal instructor and voice trainer for over 25 years now, and a professional singer for most of my life. I love the act and art of singing, and over the years, I’ve developed a true fondness and affinity for helping others develop into the singers they want to be. That is why I chose to start this group.

THE IMPORTANT THING: I want to hear FROM YOU. What kinds of outings would you be interested in? What are some of your goals as singers? What sorts of techniques and topics would you like to see group lessons, clinics, and workshops cover? Please, send me an email and let's discuss some ideas!

This is your group. Let’s mold it together into something really cool, and really special; something that helps us all evolve together as singers, performers, and artists, while having fun doing it. (:

I look forward to hearing from you all!

- Dan Parilis.