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CIRCLE SINGING LONDON (for 'To Move with the Voice' scroll down)
Who loves to sing, treasures to stay in the present moment, and wants to be part of a creative community?

Circle Singing London, formed in 2014, is designed to explore creativity through vocal improvisation. Each session provides an opportunity to jam, create spontaneous sounds, listen attentively to others, collaboratively experiment, see mistakes as gifts, commit to the moment with physical and mental presence, keep an open mind, gain greater control over the voice, express unique and authentic songs, create safe and meaningful space, and transfer these priceless skills into everyday life.

No experience necessary!

Do you love to sing but feel uncertain about your vocal ability? 
Are you a professional singer who yearns to explore the possibilities of the human voice?

Then this project is for YOU.

What to expect?
Circle Singing London is different from a traditional choir. We will gather in a circle and begin with body, breath, and voice warm-ups. We then continue with an exploration of basic improvisational vocabulary and gradually move from the silence, listening, toning, exploring rhythms, and vocal creativity of the group towards guided vocal sound exercises, sound bathing, and circle singing. We will learn tools to create music on the spot while collaborating with others. Lastly, we will learn to trust that everything we need is already here, waiting to be discovered..
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Would you like to combine vocal techniques, embodied yoga poses, breathwork, guided meditation, and play to invoke creativity and free the body from habitual tensions to discover more authentic and spontaneous voice expression?

The "To Move with the Voice" project, formed in 2015, incorporates today’s research studies with the tradition of voice training and embodied yoga/movement.

All welcome!

What to expect?
Each session explores various meditations, pranayama, and embodied yoga positions and explores the impact of these explorations on the human voice. The fundamental part of every session is a slower pace sequence of specially designed postures and vocal exercises. This flow is accompanied by unique guidelines that support breathing, sounding, and voice exploration. The primary focus is to remain curious and receptive. Each class is unique and is dedicated to a different theme.

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