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What we’re about

Galactic voice is the voice of love from the Emptiness stage. We are sharing the singing voice of this pure Love vibration to balance the emotion, health and relationship for our daily life. It is a gathering of Love from the heart when you need it the most. Our meetup group would like to share the Oneness of Love with no separation of good and bad, high and low or bright and dark. <br>

Robert (Sereya) will present different singing tones and pitch through channeling of the Loving voice from the Pure Source. We will play drums, singing bowls, crystal bowls, Tin Cha, rattles, rain sticks and click sticks on certain meetings. You would enjoy the beautiful sound just from being present at our meetups. <br>

We conduct solo channeling singing events, drumming events, mini concerts, voice of Love meditation, energetic body scanning & reading, soul and higher-self guiding meditation, sacred energy meditation outing events, daily practice for abundance of life, Emptiness mind meditation, energy balancing classes for spiritual, emotional and physical body; online classes and Galactic language activation classes.

If you are looking for a sacred space to balance your life in harmony or just purely to enjoy the music and singing of the Voice of Love, feel free to come joining our events! You are creating the abundance of life with your pure soul choice! Many Blessings!