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What we’re about

Request to join, DO NOT PAY UNTIL YOU ARE ACCEPTED INTO THE GROUP VIA EMAIL! Please NO BEGINNERS AT THIS TIME, WE ARE FULL! We do not have space to teach. Learn the game, PRACTICE, and then come out to meet other local recreational volleyball players!
We are a relaxed, laid back group of adults (18+ only) that like to play sand volleyball. We are a group of varied skills and are team oriented and very friendly.
If you haven't played in years yet have some skills and want to start again this is the place for you. If you are a seasoned player and just want to have a bit of fun, we welcome you and hope you can give kind encouragement to those of us who need it. We want positive people who enjoy sand volleyball and have fun playing it.
To ensure a fun and positive atmosphere on the court, please adhere to the following:
General Rules of Conduct
Be respectful and kind - Respect your fellow players by keeping your tone and comments positive and constructive. Not everyone is at the same level of play and constantly pointing that out makes for poor teamwork. We are all here to have a great time! Respect the organizers and event hosts who take the time to schedule, post, set-up/take-down, and manage this wonderful group.
Do no harm - The locations we play in are family parks. Please remember to pick up after yourselves and watch your language when kids are present.
***If for any reason you find you are not able to follow these rules, then this group is not meant for you. If the organizer/hosts are fielding constant complaints about a player, we will inform them of the issues and ask for a change in behavior. If nothing changes, we will ask that player to leave the group.