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What we’re about

Fostering Community in NYC around VOLUMETRIC FILMMAKING:

Have you heard about Volumetric Capture, Production & Post-Production for VR, AR & Immersive Media and want to know more? 

Are you a creator already engaged in creating volumetric video? 

We invite anyone curious or familiar with this emerging technology / artform to join our meetup and learn how it can expand their creative horizons!

We aim to provide a forum for all types of creators to come together to discuss and learn about volumetric filmmaking and immersive technology. 

We will roadmap approaches for Easy-to-Deploy, Full-Body, Live Action Video / 3D Scanning / Volumetric Capture / Videogrammetry of Real Humans / Real Spaces that can be ported into AR / MR / VR Applications.

Join a diverse community of creators, trailblazers, filmmakers, developers and artists who want to better understand the intersection of storytelling and immersive technology.  

People from all disciplines are encouraged to join and help us in this mission!

Wait - what is VOLUMETRIC FILMMAKING, anyway?

Glad you asked!

Volumetric Filmmaking is a growing movement in Immersive (AR/VR/MR) content characterized by interactive experiences created using predominantly 3D scanned imagery, such as volumetric video and photogrammetry, in conjunction with game engines to enable viewer agency within reconstructed lifelike environments.

A true hybrid of video games and cinema, volumetric filmmaking draws inspiration from related creative disciplines, most notably documentary film, immersive theater, cinematic 360 virtual reality, interactive installations, choose-your-own-adventure books, walking simulator games, and generative art. 

Volumetric films commonly include magical realism, futurism, dreamworlds and cyberpunk themes and references.

We will return in February/early Spring 2019!  

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