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FCC (First Christian Church) sandwich making.  Enter at main office entrance at main office or at elevator inside parking garage (by pushing call button)


HOMEpdx Underground at First Christian Church (entrance off of Broadway at gate. Gate open from 3-9) 

About FCC Sandwich making: 
Shown in picture above: This is Duane. He was the one who started this sandwich making project. He's been doing it every Wednesday for the past 5 years.  Let's join him. : )
There are 2 projects.  FCC (First Christian Church) Sandwich Making & (see below for both sets of info).
The sandwich making project is a ministry through a church downtown called First Christ Church 1314 SW Park Ave, Portland, OR 97201 every Wednesday from 11:00am-1:00pm (in the past it was between 1:30-4) sometimes they get done sooner).
Sometimes you can get parking validation for the parking garage located directly below the church if there is space.  But it’s best to take public transportation because a lot of times there isn’t any spots left.  You would have to get validation for your parking **on the way into the building from the secretary since she is sometimes gone already by the time we are done for the day**.
What we do:  We arrive and wash up our hands and get to work making sandwiches and then we go out in 3 different groups on different routes downtown and offer the sandwiches, etc... to people (not just the homeless.).  It’s very simple.  We also hand out other items when we have them.  Donations of these items gladly accepted.  (Miniature toiletries items such as: soap, tooth brushes, tooth paste, shampoo, etc...  Also: Socks, hats, gloves, scarfs, fleece material to make scarves,
This project is a low key project without a lot of frills but it’s been one of the most meaningful things I’ve done with my time in the past several years.  I even know people who have come down there for therapeutic reasons when they’re just having a rough time in life.  It can really lift your mood.
Commonly asked questions:
Do I have to make the sandwiches AND deliver them?  Or can I do one or the other?  You can do either or both. : )
What if I have to arrive late?  What if I have to leave early?  No problem.
How old do you have to be in order to attend?  There really isn’t an age limit but children need to be closely supervised.  I’d say to be on the safe side… Ages 7+ would be best and supervised.
What if I’m sick and could be contagious?  Come another week.  We’ll look forward to seeing you when you feel better. : )
How does a project like this get paid for?  Do I have to pay money to do this project? Donations come from church members and friends of the sandwich making project.  Donations always accepted. : )
What if I don’t belong to that church?  What if I don’t even believe in God?  No problem.  I go to a different church.  This church is a welcoming and affirming church.  They are happy to see everyone and anyone.  Religion won't be pushed.  Of course they would love it if you attended their church but no pressure!
What kind of training do I need to do before I attend?  None. : )  They even let me help. Haha  You just need to wash your hands thoroughly and be friendly out on the street.

**Where to find us:  Let's meet at the church office entrance -- 1314 SW Park Ave. -- not the big stairs or the entrance on SW Columbia or Broadway or Jefferson.  Jefferson is where the parking garage is.  *Push the buzzer to be let in.  Or you can enter through the parking garage and push the button to get them to let you have access to the elevator.  Let them know you're there for volunteeering.
Please try to be on time because we might have to come downstairs to let you in the building.  It's a long way downstairs or we have to deal with the slow elevator.  There is a call button outside that you can push and the church secretary will talk to you and push the button to open the door.
First Christian Church (another name on the building I have seen is "Disciples of Christ".  So if you see either sign, you are at the right place.)   There are 2 churches that meet in this building.

They are looking for help from us on Wed night's for the portion of their organization that helps from 3-9 every Wed. Te nice thing is that this volunteer opportunity allows for you to arrive &/or leave whenever. Perfect for people who work during the day. The time slot they need the most help is from 5-9pm but mostly 5-7:30pm and you could come even for a portion of that time. There may be some help needed for food prep from 2-4. I'm sure we'll be given different tasks over time, but the main thing they need help with is dishes, serving food and cleaning up the tables afterwards. 

They will be limiting this to 8 volunteers per Wed (but... if people were coming in at varying times, then we could increase that).
Be a part of working alongside HOMEpdx Underground at First Christian Church (entrance off of Broadway at gate) to create a hospitable and safe community for young adults living on the streets.

ABOUT US: HOMEpdx is a community of folks indoors and outdoors. We try to live out our mission statement of “loving people face-to-face” through everything we do. We are a 501c3 non-profit organization started in April 2007. We have found that creating an atmosphere from the heart of our core values – home, acceptance, hope and love – is the greatest way to show the love.  Welcoming with care... Releasing Assumptions... Listening without judgment.

SHARE HOPE: Listen to each others stories, and let each other know we are worth something even when times are rough. Through our connections with each other and outside resources we do what we can to meet real needs.

SHARE SUPPLIES: When we have the resources in hand, we share anything from: socks, toiletries, backpacks, tarps, sleeping bags and much more.

COMMUNITY: Not just a place to hang out and get stuff, but a real community that loves and takes care of each other.

AT PEACE: The atmosphere during HOMEpdx is usually very peaceful. Our community strives to love our neighbors and respect each other as equals in everything that we do. When we are together, we stand as a stark contrast to life outside, where an individual is often confronted with the reality of violence.

*Parking: street metered parking-free *after* 7:00pm. Arrive early to find a good spot. Also, if you can't find a place on the street, there is parking under the church-entrance off of Jefferson but definitely make sure you get it stamped upon arrival in the office on the 1st floor before volunteering **if there is even anyone in the office.** **AT YOUR OWN RISK to be able to find a parking spot** Trimet might be a good option.
Hope to see you there : )

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