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This meetup site is shared by software related user groups in Northern Vermont to manage event registration and related online social networking

Vermont.NET (aka VTdotNET.org (http://www.vtdotnet.org)) Microsoft .NET developers meeting monthly for awesome presentations on .NET and other relevant software developer topics. Since 2002. Contact vtdotnet@gmail.com.

Vermont Code Camp An annual one day gathering of local coders with training in a variety of platforms. Started in September 2009. More info at vtcodecamp.org (http://www.vtcodecamp.org).

VTFunc Functional programmers & the curious get together once a month to talk about functional development topics. Even if you are not using a functional programming language, these meetings are sure to inspire!

W3C Chapter Weekly meetup to collaborate on and influence web standards. W3C.org is listening!

BTVWag (also at btvwag.org) Topics focusing on web application development.

BurlingtonJS (also at http://burlingtonjs.org ) Javascript focused topics

GoLang Developers interested in the Go language (golang.org)

Other random events that would appeal to our over 1,400 members

SUPPORT OUR COMMUNITY! Want to support our community? The Vermont.NET group is always looking for companies to sponsor the pizza and soda at their monthly meetings. This could range from $80 - $150 depending on the number of people who are attending. Contact us to find out more.

We also love to give away swag at our meetings. Software licenses, geek devices, tech books, t-shirts and more are always greatly appreciated by our attendees!

This meetup site costs about $180/yr. We'd be grateful to have that expense sponsored as well.

The annual code camp is always in need of financial support as well as swag. See vtcodecamp.org for more information.

Thanks! :)

Local developers & businesses: Check out the Job Seekers and Available Jobs threads in the Discussion forums.

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BTV Testers: CYA with PCI: PCI Compliance, What it is & Why You Need to Know

Main Street Landing Performing Arts Center

Come learn about PCI Compliance with Josh Lee and Brie Hoblin! Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a set of standards enforced by the major US credit-card networks. Compliance is required for any businesses processing credit card payments on these networks (e.g. VISA, Mastercard). For e-commerce, there are specific rules for how your business handles and transmits your customers’ credit card data. While Brie & Josh are not lawyers, in this session they will try to answer these questions: - What is PCI compliance? - Does it matter to me and my website or app? - How can I ensure I am in compliance? - What are the best ways to perform e-commerce transactions? - How can I test my website or app for PCI Compliance? Josh Lee is a consultant and developer with 12+ years of experience building e-commerce solutions. Brie Hoblin is a QA Engineer who runs Sage Logik, a QA consulting company in the greater Burlington area. She also co-hosts BTVTesters. As always, whether you're a QA Engineer, a software dev who cares about writing quality code, or someone just getting in to software, come join us. This specific talk would also be relevant for business owners or website owners looking to learn about PCI Compliance.

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BTVJS: The Evolution of Streams in Node.js

Main Street Landing Performing Arts Center

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