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This meetup site is shared by software related user groups in Northern Vermont to manage event registration and related online social networking

Vermont Code Camp An annual one day gathering of local coders with training in a variety of platforms. Started in September 2009. More info at vtcodecamp.org (http://www.vtcodecamp.org).

GoLang Developers interested in the Go language (golang.org)

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SUPPORT OUR COMMUNITY! Want to support our community? Our groups are always looking for companies to sponsor the pizza and soda at their monthly meetings. This could range from $80 - $150 depending on the number of people who are attending. Contact us to find out more.

We also love to give away swag at our meetings. Software licenses, geek devices, tech books, t-shirts and more are always greatly appreciated by our attendees!

This meetup site costs about $180/yr. We'd be grateful to have that expense sponsored as well.

The annual code camp is always in need of financial support as well as swag. See https://www.vtcodecamp.org/#sponsor for more information.

Thanks! :)

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Promises in Javascript

Main Street Landing Performing Arts Center

Join BTVJS for a talk by Payton Swick on javascript promises. Thank you to our generous sponsors: VCET, Dealer.com, Symbiotic Labs, Union Street Media, and people like you! If you would like to support our meetup and others like it, please visit https://opencollective.com/burlington-code/ to learn more. JavaScript is an asynchronous language; it is designed to react to events and to trigger jobs that take an unknown amount of time to complete. While there is a fairly standard way to call functions when something happens, until recently there had been no standard way to chain these functions together, nor an easy way to handle failures inside the chain. Promises provide the solution. Payton will guide the group through the motivation for Promises, how they work, and what comes next (async/await and beyond).

BTV Testers: How Do We Practice and Hone Our Testing Skills?

Main Street Landing Performing Arts Center

Programmers practice their skills with coding dojos, katas, and test retreats. But how do testers practice their skills? Story telling, observation skills, and critical thinking skills are all important in software testing, especially in activities like exploratory testing. One way to practice these skills is with a visual thinking strategy workshop. VTS is a teaching method that improves critical thinking skills through teacher-facilitated discussions of visual images. VTS encourages participation through a group problem-solving process, and uses art to teach thinking, communication skills, and visual literacy. We’ll try testing a website before and after to see if it improves our testing skills in the short run! Lisa Crispin will facilitate this fun VTS session. She is the co-author, with Janet Gregory, of More Agile Testing: Learning Journeys for the Whole Team (Addison-Wesley, 2014) and Agile Testing: A Practical Guide for Testers and Agile Teams (Addison-Wesley, 2009). If there is time at the end, Brie Hoblin and Lisa Crispin will facilitate a discussion on other ways testers can sharpen their skills. Read Lisa's blog post on VTS: https://lisacrispin.com/2018/01/24/telling-stories-together-practicing-critical-thinking-vts/ Whether you are a QA professional, a software dev interested in writing quality code, or someone just learning to code, come join us to learn more about VTS! Last but not least, thank you to our generous sponsors: VCET, Dealer.com, Symbiotic Labs, Union Street Media, and people like you! If you would like to support our meetup and others like it, please visit https://opencollective.com/burlington-code/ to learn more.

BTVJS Meets Machine Learning

Main Street Landing Performing Arts Center

Speaker: Scott Thibault Come out for this introduction to the exciting area of AI called machine learning. While JavaScript is not the typical choice for machine learning, there are JS libraries available for both server and browser, and it’s a great opportunity to get started. This is your chance to expand your horizons a little without leaving the comfort of JavaScript. Scott Thibault is JavaScript enthusiast and an entrepreneur in the Burlington area. He’s had the opportunity to work with machine learning as a data scientist in the healthcare domain as well has his newest startup StreamLogic. StreamLogic develops tools for computer vision, one of the most successful applications of machine learning in the past several years. Thank you to our generous sponsors: VCET, Dealer.com, Symbiotic Labs, Union Street Media, and people like you! If you would like to support our Meetup and others like it, please visit https://opencollective.com/burlington-code/ to learn more.

Vermont Code Camp 11

Champlain Room, Center For Communication And Creative Media

11th Annual Vermont Code Camp Full Day, dozens of sessions, continental breakfast, lunch & afternoon snacks. All Free, thanks to the support of our sponsors and volunteers! Thanks to Champlain College Division of Information Technology & Sciences for hosting. Get Social! ==================================== We have a slack channel at http://vtcodecamp.slack.com if you want to chat about all things VTCC11! You can join through this self-join link: https://vtcodecamp.herokuapp.com/ Find us on twitter at @vtcodecamp Use the #vtcc11 hashtag Submit Sessions through July 15! ==================================== We are using Sessionize.com to collect abstracts at http://sessionize.com/VTCodeCamp Schedule ==================================== The complete schedule with details about the talks and speakers will be made available prior to the event. We Don't Just Feed Your Mind! ==================================== Thanks to our generous sponsors, we provide bagels and muffins, coffee and juices in the morning, lunch (yep, it's pizza!) and an afternoon snack for all attendees. Register ==================================== Attendee registration and social networking is here on Meetup. It's free! Keep in mind that whatever name you use for your Meetup membership is the name that we'll print on your name label. We have set meetup to force only one registration at a time in order to ensure that even your guests get a name label. Parking ==================================== Here is parking info from Champlain College: https://github.com/vtcodecamp/documents/blob/master/ChamplainCollegeParking.md Volunteer! ==================================== Contact [masked] Code of Conduct and Diversity Statement ==================================== We are proud of our community and support you all with a Code of Conduct (https://www.vtcodecamp.org/conduct) and a Diversity Statement (https://www.vtcodecamp.org/diversity). All participants at VTCC11 are expected to follow these guidances. Sponsorship ==================================== We rely on sponsors to enable us put on this fabulous and free event. In recent years we have exceeded 250 attendees to feed & care for. • Premiere: $1000 or significant in-kind donation • Platinum $750 • Gold $500 • Silver $250 • Bronze $100 Sponsors are listed on our website (https://www.vtcodecamp.org/), are included in our communications, and are given special recognition during the event. Additionally, Platinum and Premiere sponsors will be invited to have a table at VTCC11! If you're interested in becoming a sponsor go to https://www.vtcodecamp.org/sponsor or contact [masked]. Out of town guests ==================================== Check vermont.org for information on lodging (http://www.vermont.org/Visit_Vermont/lodging.aspx). Downtown Burlington is fun. Next options would be in South Burlington (either east of Burlington on Route 2 or south on Route 7). BOOK EARLY! Vermont is a happening place in autumn

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