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What we’re about

Meetup for Sydneysiders and visitors involved in "frontend" software development.

If you don't know what "frontend" is, this meetup probably isn't for you! We cover all modern frontend frameworks, especially javascript/web (React, Vue, Angular, Svelte, etc), but also mobile (React Native, Flutter, etc). We also encourage discussion of UX/UI design topics relevant to developers too (design systems, Figma, for example).

Whether you're a team leader, an experienced gun, a rookie, or just interested, we welcome you!

If you have something to share, get in touch. We're always looking for speakers. It's a great opportunity to hone your speaking skills with likeminded people.

This meetup has been running for over three years, and was previously known as "Vue Sydney", but these days we're less fussy and completely framework agnostic!