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What we’re about

Join us, almost every weekend, to Walk With a Doc. We started the first Walk With a Doc program in Colorado Springs, led by Dr. Larry Cohen, local emergency physician and one of only 204 physicians in the country board certified in Lifestyle Medicine by the American Board of Lifestyle Medicine. Besides talking about exercise as medicine, Dr. Cohen or a guest physician or other health professional will give a short, 5-8 minute talk. Then we walk, everyone at their own pace. And in a very relaxed atmosphere you can ask questions, medical or other. We are encouraging a healthy lifestyle and will teach evidence-based (not evidence bought or biased) lifestyle changes that can help you lose weight, decrease or even stop medicines, and live healthier and longer. We've even done healthy cooking demonstrations. No motive other than Dr. Cohen and his team are passionate about healthy living. And as a full time Emergency Physician, Dr. Cohen is trying to keep you away from seeing him professionally. It's all free and after 3 walks you get a free Walk With a Doc T-shirt.