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What we’re about

MN Walking Meetup is a friendly group, with walks at a moderate pace. Sorry, no kiddos or pets! Just adult people. Meet new walking buddies & explore parks and natural areas in the Twin Cities metro area. Note: please attend "scent-free;" we want to smell the good natural smells, not your perfume/cologne.

We usually kick off within 10 minutes of the posted start time with whomever has shown up by then. Please allow enough time to get to the walk location, to avoid disappointment and not keep others waiting.

If these crowdsourced group walks enhance your life, consider using the "Chip In" button now and then as a "thank you." The organizer person is charged a monthly online hosting fee by, which otherwise comes from her own pocket. Even $5 helps keep the group going. Thx.

NOTE: To avoid favoritism, we do not do ANY charity walks. Also, this is a not a business networking group. Thanks for understanding!