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What we’re about

Hello Cyclist, Hikers, Runners, Trailblazers!

Variety of Activities, Cycling, Hiking, Walking, Running, Group Activities, Fundraisers, Teaming up with other Groups, Group day trips.

Group all about nurturing your Cycling, Walking, Running, Trailblazing spirit while making new friends, staying in shape, getting in shape, living your life to the fullest.  Group is geared for all ages.  Group's activities:  hiking, biking, camping, water sports, outdoor sports & movies, yoga, film festivals, seasonal festivals, flying, bowling volunteering, concerts, dog events & parties making new friends, 

Always, bring family, friends neighbors, co-workers, doggies & children(depending upon event) are WELCOME!

Any ideas, suggestions, please message me or post to Suggestion section.  Paula-Organizer & Leadership Team always ready for any new ideas.

All Pet Parents and Animal Lovers, please join my 15 doggie meet up groups. 

If you own a Business or Service, please take advantage of the FREE SPONSOR, giving Members a discount or coupons, Members viewing your Business or Service.  Please message me your interest.

Any questions, concerns, complaints, please message me as others have the same issues.

Thank you for taking time viewing this group.  Hope you join, so you Trailblazing with New Friends and experiences begin..


Paula & Girls(dogs)