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The Rockridge BART to Lake Temescal Walk

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Now open for RSVPs. Free walk. NO BART STRIKE AT LEAST UNTIL MONDAY MORNING. Weather will be very good. Bring a sack lunch. This is a brand new walk. I did it by myself last Saturday and found out it takes one hour & 20 minutes to walk to the lake. Therefor, the walk will take longer than I previously posted. We will return to our start about 3:45 PM instead of 3:00 PM. We will gather at 11:30 AM outside of the Rockridge BART Station on the North East corner of College Ave. & Keith. Though this walk is short it is tough.

If coming on BART use the restrooms inside the BART station. The best restrooms outside of the BART station are at the Trader Joes to the North of the BART station. Bring water or juice, but don't drink too much as no more restrooms until we reach the lake. You may find ice cream and snacks for sale at the lake, but not lunches.

After about 10 minutes we will walk to and through the Upper Rockridge neighborhood passing though 9 pathway stairways. We will reach Lake Temescal about 1:00 PM and walk around the lake and use the restrooms there. There are a couple of spots near the lake that have many big picnic tables.

After eating our sack lunches we will walk back along the lake the way we came and enjoy the various facilities there. After leaving the lake the way we came in we will walk back to our starting point using a completely different path but enjoying many different great sites and 9 more pathway stairways just as we did coming up to the lake.

I estimate we will arrive back at our starting point about 3:45 PM. This walk is relatively short, 3 to 4 miles, and the lake area is flat. However, this walk goes way up into the Oakland hills with an elevation of about 600 feet and then back down again. We will walk up and down 18 pathway stairways. Up there we will see 2 million dollar houses with one million dollar views.

If you have any questions about how to get around the Bay Area on public transportation here is a trip planner link provided by the government:

Below are 7 photos taken at Lake Temescal, our sack lunch spot.

Below are a few of the stairways that we will walk on.


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