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Are you looking for people to walk with? This group is for people who are hoping to get out for a walk a few times a week...whether it is around a track...around a lake...around a golf course...around an interesting urban neighbourhood...

It's so easy to procrastinate on getting out in the fresh air for some exercise...since Daylight Savings I've been having more success and would love to meet some new people to walk with who are also looking for a little "accountability".

If you know of a great place to go for a casual walk, please suggest it on the discussion board. :)

If you're interested in organizing some walks for this group, please let me know. Always looking for more people to volunteer as I am currently unable to host any myself due to recent knee surgery!

*disclaimer - this is a casual "for fun" walking group - members join & walk at their own 'risk' - use your own discretion if you are uncertain about whether you can manage a particular walk. Members/Organizers are volunteers and are not expert walkers and are not required to have any first aid knowledge or anything like that. However please be aware of your own wellbeing & try to be aware of what's happening with other walkers while you're out - if you are feeling unwell or another member is feeling unwell, please contact medical services/emergency/9-1-1 if anyone's health or safety is at risk.

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