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This will be an acoustic guitar and related acoustic instrument (mandolin, banjo, fiddle, harmonica, bass, cello, etc...) outdoor get together. All are welcome but maybe advanced novice to intermediate players will be the target for the group. We will rotate the lead of a song with others following. Singing will be encouraged. Or we will set up a basic 12 bar jam structure with all adding either rhythm or rotating the taking of lead in the key that is called. We will try to stick to open chord keys and associated scales. We'll work in bass runs, hammer ons and pull offs. As the group evolves maybe we add bar chord keys and some alternative tunings to add to the vibe, but lets play together a bit first.

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Pizza and Music

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Please come to Vallejo for another round of pizza and amazing music. I will provide pizza and beverages, if you can bring a salad or dessert I would be very grateful!! Last night’s gathering was truly awesome with us making incredible music for a little over three hours. See you on the 27th


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Let’s rock out in Vallejo and chow down on the best pizza this side of the Mississippi from Napoli’s in Benicia. Our last gathering was amazing and this will be as well. We simply go around the circle and each person suggests a song. No set list and no requests. Easy!! For beginners these events are a very effective way to grow as a musician among friends. See you there!!

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Jam 16 No Repeat

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