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What we’re about

We're about making space for writing in our daily lives. Showing up for regular writing cultivates important habits (and pleases the muse). The pen is mightier than the sword. But the pen is even mightier ... with friends.

Need some social pressure to make you write? (That's me!) Come join us! Just like to schmooze? (That's my hobby.) Join us and write with friends.

At our meetings, we will get to know one another, discuss the ups and downs of writing, and then work on our individual writing projects. Although we often discuss our work in progress, we are not a critique group.

Our meetings will be centered around the north and central Austin areas. Since we will be meeting in local businesses, please be prepared to order drinks and/or food. Meeting locations may change. Check the location in the individual Meeting postings.

Wednesday Evening Meetings:
We will gather at 7:00 for chatting and start working on our individual writing projects at 7:30, wrapping up at 9:00. We'll alternate coffee shops as the group decrees. If you can't make it at 7:00, come anyway. Most locations close at 9:00.

Sunday Morning Meetings:
We meet at 9:00 am, chat for about half an hour, do a writing prompt and then hunker down and work for an hour(ish). (Easy Tiger in the Linc)

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