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"Amateur" is not an insult.

An amateur astronomer is anybody who learns the skies. Anybody who may learn how to observe or photograph the incomprehensibly distant and huge objects out there. Anybody who may learn about spaceflight, or space in popular culture, or scientific history, or cosmology. Especially anybody who shares this knowledge with others - not because it's a paid occupation, not for recognition or praise, but because they love it.

The Warren Astronomical Society ( meets twice monthly indoors to share presentations about astronomy: observations, science, culture, and history.

Of course, we also get together underneath the stars: one to two public open houses per month and many informal members-only observing nights at our observatory, Stargate. Whether you're an experienced stargazer or need help learning your telescope, you're sure to find somebody to talk to.

Members have the opportunity to check out telescopes and other equipment with a minimal deposit. If you're interested in getting into astronomy but don't know what sort of telescope you'd like, a risk-free trial can be a great help. Attend an event and find out just how much a committed amateur can do.

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