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CPA's 20th Annual SK102 Skills Clinic
• What we'll do SK102 offers on-the-water skills classes covering wet exits, basic strokes, basic and advanced rescues, stroke improvement, rolling and more. Additional on land courses (i.e. navigation, kayak camping, etc) are offered. SK102 is designed to teach beginner or intermediate kayakers proper paddling technique and the skills they need to kayak safely. IT’S ALSO A HECK OF A LOT OF FUN. SK102 sells out every year with a significant waitlist. · Where: Lake Anna is 2 hours south of Washington DC. The lake is a nuclear power plant cooling pond, so the water is very clear and heated – allowing you to practice wet exits, rescues, and rolling in warm water in early spring! The location is private property on which you are welcome to camp. · Cost: $65, which includes the cost of two days of all volunteer instruction, camping on-site, morning coffee, Saturday night dinner, porta-potties and a one year CPA membership. · Required: You are required to bring a sea or light touring kayak, spray skirt, life vest, paddle, pump, and paddle float. You will be required to sign a release of liability. Saturday Classes: Sign up for 2 of these classes when you register: Kayak Design, Wet Exit, Basic Strokes If you are new to paddling and/or have not had kayaking lessons · Discover features separating various kayak designs and their value to you · Wet Exiting is the most critical kayak skill for safety—a requirement for attending CPA trips · The proper basic strokes will make your paddling much more fun and efficient. Stroke Improvement, Intermediate Strokes, Bracing For those who are proficient in basic strokes. · Improve your basic strokes to increase your efficiency and form · Learn intermediate strokes such as hanging draw, draw on the move, bow rudder · High and low bracing not only keep you upright but are the foundation of several kayak rolls Self-Rescues, Group Rescues, Towing Be able to get yourself and others back into a kayak in deep water. · Become a self-sufficient paddler, able to recover from capsizes and wet exits · Be able to rescue another kayaker who capsized. · Learn types of tow systems, methods and how to use them Greenland Style Paddling What is that thin paddle anyway? · Design & Advantages of Greenland style paddling · Proper Greenland style strokes Advanced Rescues For those proficient in self and group rescues, take it to the next level · How to rescue a boat without flotation that “sank” · Techniques to rescue an injured paddler Foundations of Rolling: For intermediate paddlers who are ready to transition to rolling: · Braces and hip snaps are the foundations of several kayak rolls · Bow and Paddle rescues · The best form of rescue is to never exit the boat Sunday Classes: Schedule to be announced, sign up at the event. • What to bring • Important to know Register Here – starting FEBRUARY 10:

Lake Anna

Lake Anna Private Location · Spotsylvania, VA


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We paddle the rivers, lakes, marshes, and bays in the Washington, D.C., area. We get up close and personal with beautiful scenery and wildlife, we see things from the water that are not visible any other way, and we enjoy the special happiness -- a magical combination of tranquility and exhilaration -- that comes from being on the water. Some of us paddle for the exercise, some to watch birds, some to reduce tension, and some to socialize. But we all enjoy kayaking, and enjoy doing it together.

We don't do whitewater kayaking (other than occasional small rapids), but we paddle in a variety of conditions ranging from total calm to big waves. Some of our trips are suitable for beginners and some are not -- but we welcome newcomers, so if you're interested in flat water kayaking, check us out!

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