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What we’re about

Meditation Yoga Hypnosis & Acupressure has scientific support. It reduces stress, improves attention, boosts mood and immunity, reduces emotional reactivity, and promotes health and well-being. Session is divided as below
1st part will introduce each other including all participant.
2nd Part will be Talk and Q&A
3rd will be Break-Out Session ( people will talk each other in small group)
4th Part will be Guided Meditation

Before you join if U can fill-up the form below following link below that will give us better idea about you so we can help you better(at least first one is must)

Link to attendance form which is must

Your Life Purpose by answering Questions

Link to Broken heart Questionnaires

Link to Fear/Phobia Form

Link to Anxiety Questionnaire

Link to Lack of Self Confidence Questionnaire

Link to Smoker want to stop Smoking

Link to Weight Loss questionnaire