Let's talk about Rust and a microkernel @ Cloudflare

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This month we're sponsored by Cloudflare. We have two talks from Steve Klabnik and Lachlan Sneff.

The Meetup will be recorded and videos will be linked here after the event.


6:30pm - Doors open
6:45-7:30pm - Building WebAssembly modules with Rust, Steve Klabnik
7:45-8:30pm - WebAssembly in the Kernel, Lachlan Sneff

About the talks:

*Building WebAssembly modules with Rust*

In this talk, Steve is going to show you how you can write web applications in Rust. We'll discuss:

* The basics of building a webassembly module
* Interacting with browser APIs
* How Rust's tooling makes this easy, and which tools you can use
* Interesting Rust packages you may want to try with WebAssembly

*WebAssembly in the Kernel*

This talk will cover what Nebulet (github.com/nebulet/nebulet) is, his experience writing it, what we can learn from Nebulet, and why it needs to exist.

About the speakers:

Steve Klabnik works on the Storage part of CloudFlare's Workers platform. He's on the Rust core team, and co-authored "The Rust Programming Language."

Lachlan Sneff is a student, currently taking time off to work on the Wasmer runtime, a WebAssembly enthusiast, and the creator of Nebulet, an operating system that runs WebAssembly in the kernel.