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What we’re about

The Wealth Mindset and Real Estate Investing Meetup is open to all who are interested in growing generational wealth through passive real estate investing and increasing their financial intelligence.

This Meetup is for the busy professionals and retirees across various industries ranging from life sciences, healthcare, technology, finance, real estate, automotive, apparel manufacturing, sports, entertainment, and many more. The individuals in the group make a good living and have discretionary income to invest in real estate for its proven wealth-building power, but don't have the time, skillset, or network to do it at speed and scale.

The Meetup will focus on helping us all grow our wealth mindset by learning how to build and preserve wealth while developing and maintaining an abundance mindset. This Meetup will focus on multifamily real estate investing as well as other proven ways to build wealth through real estate through passive investments. Members are encouraged to engage frequently and suggest topics for future meetings.

Sponsored by Red Fox Multifamily: