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In this uncertain economic time, most people are afraid of how future will unfold. However, fact of the matter is that there are unlimited opportunities even in this economic time. In order to be able to see the opportunity and capture the portion of the wealth transfer, financial education is essential. Our goal is to educate its members on the topic of wealth building including but not limited to investing, building business and cultivating the successful mind so that we all can be standing in winning side of wealth transfer. We are planning to host various different activities including cash flow game, session of financial foundation, investment and business building session and many more.

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Cashflow Game For Kids: Let's have our children get educated financially

Wealth Producers! We apologize for not having cashflow game for a long time due to our schedule conflict. In this time, we will do one special experiment, hoping that attendees will like this. For the first time ever, we will host Cashflow game for kids!!! Among our friends, many are already parents but they don't know how to teach their kids about money. We heard so many inquiries like those. So, we figure why don't we give the opportunity to teach kids how money works by playing Cashflow Game for Kids!!! Typically, even adult won't learn financial literacy until very late in our live (Some won't even learn for a life time and struggle in the end). Imagine, if our children learn when they are very early in their life, what's their life can be like? Therefore, we would love to try this experiment. *Also, organizer has only one Cashflow Game For Kids Board game. If you have one, then please bring it with you as we might need it (Depending on the size) Cash Flow Game Schedule: 3:00PM - 5:00PM - Playing Cash Flow For Kids Game Although organizer himself did play the Cashflow Game for Kids before, explaining the concept to the kids is much more difficult than explaining the concept to the adult. So, we might need adult participation (for teaching) for this event. Thank you in advance! 5:00PM - 5:30PM - Group Discussion This is the time for you to share what you have learned by playing cash flow Game For Kids. As you will find out, learning from others are great way to learn!! Cost: Although game is free, we highly encourage everyone to buy food, drink or both. Let's appreciate Denny's to provide such a great venue. We value education. This is our sincere hope that everyone learns something valuable via playing game, learning from each other and getting education from fellow cashflow game players. Everybody who wants to learn financial education as well as parents who want to teach their kids about money are welcome! I look forward to meeting you at the game!

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