Special Session: Free College Financial Planning

This is a past event


PRICE Information:

Cost: This session is free of charge*

*We have life time financial education membership. If you are interested in keeping learning financial classes beyond this free class, then one time membership cost of $100.

Benefits of membership include:

- Unlimited financial education / entrepreneurial education

- Access to proprietary member website that access to bunch of financial knowledge / products / business building webinars and knowledge

- Unlimited financial advises

- Financial / investment environment that foster saving habit

First timer is free so there is nothing for you to lose to check us out and make decision after taking first class!

Session: College Financial Planning

Presented by Special Guest Speaker: Sally Wu

Speaker Bio:

Sally Wu is a business owner and certified college planner who has hosted numerous college planning workshops in high schools, community centers, libraries, churches and other non-profit organizations for over nine years. With extensive experience serving college-bound families, Sally showcases real stories and practical know-how to bring value to parents and students.

Expert will provide the education on how to prepare your children for college and get most out of scholarship and grants, EVEN IF you think you cannot qualify.

In this session, you will specifically learn...

- How should I prepare for college expenses?

- Which college is a good match for my child?

- How do colleges assess my assets?

- Where are the resources for college financing?

- How can I maximize the potency of my child's college applications?

Location information:

Please RSVP first and then we will give you an address as we only accept serious attendees that want to learn about this serious topic as seat is limited. Event location is Arcadia area. We hope to see you at the event!