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What we’re about

A million welcomes into our little corner of the Meetup community, a place to meet likeminded womxn and non-binary people in the ever so brilliant city of London!

This group centres the experience of women, and welcomes all women, non-binary people and trans people who identify within a women-loving-women identity! Whatever sexuality you identify as, from lesbian-bisexual-pansexual-queer-gay this group is inclusive.

We are age, ability, race, cultural identity and everything else you can identity as inclusive. We never tell you how to look or identify to attend an event or restrict you narrowly to just identifying as 'lesbian'. Occasionally we might run an event which is specifically targeted as part of our community and if we do that we will always tell you why (an example might be an event centred around black, asian and ethnic minority members, dating for a specific group or for vegans); this is never to exclude you but to connect an even more marginalised membership of our community or where members might share a very specific common interest.

We are super friendly, always welcoming to our new and regular members, and no matter who you arrive with or arrive alone, you will most definitely leave with new connections and awesome people to hang out with at future events or meet with outside of the group.

I know how daunting it can be to come to your first event. Will anyone talk to me? Will I connect with other members? Will the ground open and swallow me right up? I promise after the first few minutes of nerves, you'll have been greeted by one of our lovely hosts and be made to feel part of the furniture. If you are super nervous please alert your host in advance and I recommend to always arrive at the start when it's slightly quieter and you can get more individual attention from your host.

With the sharp decline of bars for queer womxn and non-binary people throughout London, Meetup really is the best way to network and make new connections. Events will be varied, including food, film, drinks, art (although right now during Covid-19 times were are much more restricted to meeting online). If you would like to organise an event get in touch! We are always looking for diverse hosts who are representative of our awesome community.

To enable us to build a great community please treat any events you sign up to as if you were meeting a friend; unless you have an emergency (sometimes life gets under your feet!), make sure to turn up on time and give plenty of notice if you are unable to attend. It is only courteous. Imagine if you arranged to meet a friend and you never showed up... that friendship wouldn't last long!

Please note this is a group for adults (18+). All events are for adults unless otherwise promoted.

We run occasional family events where children are invited. This will always be clearly sign posted.


Meetup currently charges organisers $180/year to maintain these event pages on their platform.

If you can, please donate just a few pounds to the group host via PayPal ( when you join to help cover these fees.

Those with access to a steady, living income or other wealth are encouraged to donate more.

Please do not be deterred from attending if financial hardship prevents you from donating.

Please sign up here: