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What we’re about

Let's learn to code together.
We are training people to become coding friendly. Learning the mind-set is more important than the particular coding language.
We are practicing collaborative activities like Study Jams, Coding Clubs, Code Wars, DevFests, etc.
And we provide hand holding and office hours when you need it the most - just ask / let us know how we can help.
This initiative is sponsored by OpenHub:

The purpose of this meetup group: Continuous co-learning to achieve project-oriented goals.
You should join if you are local and consider yourself as a coder / developer, or want to learn technology to the level when you can use it for projects or for getting a job.
Please feel out this form to let us know, what technology you are interested in learning and what you are willing to teach/share.
Please vote free first topics you are interested to learn next as level 2 or 3. 

1 - Introduction. 
2 - Design concepts and/or step-by-step learning of technology. 
3 - Advanced topics, requires knowing the technology when coming to the class.

About us:
Open Hub project is an open ecosystem and resource center for local tech workforce / tech business. We are building local tech community, consulting tech startups and tech companies, match making business ideas generators with developers, teaching coding and organizing education workshops. We are attuned to the technology as it relates to business needs in Hudson Valley.

Mission statement:
Bringing people together around technology. Creating an environment where people learn and work together benefiting and inspired by technology and collaboration, and match making them for the mutual empowerment. Mentoring the youth and empowering professionals to share their best practices and grow as mentors.

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