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FULL MOON Luminous Labyrinth WALK

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FULL MOON Luminous Labyrinth WALK


Bring a rattle or a drum if you would like to make rhythm while we walk.

The act of walking a labyrinth is a walking meditation and the shape of the labyrinth is an ancient sacred creation. This magical portal can transport your mind, spirit and body in ways that are needed most for you on this day! Bring a rattle if you have one, or use one of ours. A consistent drumbeat will guide our walk. Everyone is welcome!

The labyrinth, in its many forms, shows up in places all over this planet and has been a friend of humanity for thousands of years. It is a personal experience, in the presence of others of like-mind. We begin our walking just before sunset, and we walk through the moon rise. Set your intentions, say your gratitudes, honor your guides, experience calm mind while walking to your center. Back out to the world we walk, renewed. The experience is yours.

We will have the labyrinth set up until 9. At the end we will have a short closing circle.ALL ARE WELCOME!!! You are welcome to bring something to sit upon.

Can't find it? Call/txt 954-2004.

Donations are accepted ($5-$20 requested). Thank you for your support!

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