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Soothing Anxiety Circle-Hosted by Quynn

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Soothing Anxiety Circle-Hosted by Quynn


Anxiety can range from irritating to debilitating, but have you ever thought of it as a Spirit? What causes the Spirit(s) of Anxiety to descend upon you? What are the roots of Anxiety in your life, past and ancestry? Who is your Anxiety Ally?

This circle is offered from an Animist perspective, that all are a part of the Sacred Web of Life, and everything has a life force, including descending emotions such as Anxiety, Fear or Pain. This means that we can be in communication with these energies, and negotiate with them for our wellbeing.

You are welcome to join this soothing circle, guided by Quynn. The flow of this circle consists of a clearing, a centering divination, guided meditation ( with crystal singing bowl) to connect with your Guardian Spirit to counter Anxiety, and a gentle drum journey to listen to your Inner World Allies and Ancestors who want to help you calm, center, and tune in to your inner wisdom. Sharing is optional at the end. All are welcome, even those with no journeying or meditation experience.

CBD and Chamomile Teas will be offered.

Requested donation is $5-$20 sliding scale.

Hosted by Quynn Red Mountain

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Web of Life Animists
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