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Welcome at the Webdevelopment Zwolle Meetup. We're a group of enthusiastic IT professionals, working at Arcady: a high performance software development unit that help companies accelerate their online business. We like the web, open source, sharing code & knowledge, meeting other techies and having fun. Join our meetup!

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De nieuwe Webdev Zwolle meetup is weer ingepland! # Event Schedule 18:30 - Deuren open, koffie en netwerken 18:55 - Introductie 19:00 - Talk 1: "Ditch your framework!" door Luc Princen 19:45 - Talk 2: "Progressing beyond Continuous Delivery" door Joost van Wollingen - Erik Swets 20:30 - Pauze 20:45 - Talk 3: "Hacker Mindset - Special Edition" door Joost Pol 21:30 - Bier, snacks en socializen tot de bar sluit. --- Talk 1: "Ditch your framework! Magical layouts with modern CSS" In deze talk onderzoeken we hoe en waarom je afscheid zou moeten nemen van de frontend frameworks die je in gebruik hebt. Doormiddel van wat live coding zoeken we uit hoe nieuwe CSS technieken als CSS Grid je kunnen helpen met een maken van een originele en makkelijker te onderhouden weblayout. En dat in een fractie van de tijd. Luc Princen is een onafhankelijke ontwikkelaar en ontwerper die zich specialiseert in frontend ontwikkeling. Hij houdt van open source, elegante code, snelle laadtijden, Dungeons & Dragons en het spelen van (grand) strategy games. Je vindt hem op twitter onder de naam @LucP. --- Talk 2: "Progressing beyond Continuous Delivery" The world of software delivery is constantly evolving. Under the pressure of consumer expectations companies look to improve both their time to market as well as the quality of the software they deliver. Customers expect and demand a top-notch customer experience. It is no wonder that companies are looking for ways to roll out new software even faster, but also need to manage the risk of exposing their customers to software that is broken. Continuous delivery fixed the technical hurdles to ship your artifacts more quickly to production. So, where can we find further gains? When having the ability to ship very very fast, how do we avoid low-quality software for our users? In order to answer those questions, we have to look at a couple of aspects: how and when do we test our software, how do we roll this software out to our customers and how quickly can we identify potential issues once our customers use it. We will explore the four pillars of progressive delivery: automation, observability, traffic management, and user segmentation. Erik Swets Throughout his career, Erik has helped companies to deliver software faster and at higher quality. Be it through applying practices like Behaviour Driven Development or Continuous Delivery, by architecting and implementing automated testing solutions or by building deployment automation solutions. Joost van Wollingen Joost started his career at bol.com, which gave him the opportunity to learn and grow at one of the leading companies in Agile and DevOps in the Netherlands. Coming up through the ranks he has been a test engineer, multidisciplinary team member, scrum master, team lead & test architect. --- Talk 3 “Everything is broken and you need training” What is the state of security in 2020? What is the Hacker Mindset? How does hacking work in reality? Why do you need security training? What is the problem with JWTs? This special edition of the Certified Secure Hacker Mindset presentation answers these questions. During this highly interactive and technical presentation Joost will present several high-impact security incidents and will show-case multiple realistic and fun Certified Secure security challenges. Joost Pol Joost Pol (1979) has more than 20 years of experience in digital security. Starting out as a Penetration Tester and Software Auditor. Recognizing the need for practical hands-on security training and certification he co-founded Certified Secure in 2007. Joost Pol is currently the CEO at Certified Secure and is internationally recognized for his expertise in IT security. In 2012 he was the winner of the Pwn2Own competition, successfully compromising the iPhone. In 2015 a critical vulnerability in PolarSSL was disclosed by Pol, affecting the popular OpenVPN-NL software used by the dutch government. ---

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