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What we’re about

Welcome to Wee Play!

We are a meetup group geared toward engaging our children in fun, age appropriate activities! You can expect events such as park playdates, story time, picnics, in-home playdates, visiting local play spaces, and so much more! We have events that are happening all over the triangle, so come on out and play!

We welcome all parents with children from birth up to kindergarten, however older siblings are always welcome to come anytime! Fill out a request to play, and we'll respond soon!

Please take the time to review our policies below:

Membership fees
Membership dues are $10 per year and are due within 30 days of joining and each year on your anniversary date. The $10 dues are used to pay for the Meetup site administration fees as well as holiday functions/parties.

Members are encouraged to use the first 30 days as a trial to ensure this is the group for them, as all membership fees are non-refundable.

Hosting events
Wee Play is a member-driven playgroup. Our creative parents are what drive this group. With that in mind, we ask everyone to host at least one play date per year. Play dates can be in-home or a public venue (e.g. park, museum, etc.). If you are uncomfortable hosting your first play date, please contact the Organizers and one of us can co-host with you.

Attendance Policy
Our members work hard to plan fun events for our little ones. We have two general rules, please read them carefully:

  1. Please read the description of all events that you RSVP to.  Sometimes our members plan extra fun and ask for a fee to cover materials.  If you cancel within 24 hours of the event start time, and a fee is asked for that event, you will still be required to pay the fee, as the host has included your number(s) in planning.  Unless otherwise stated, your RSVP of just your name includes you and 1 child.
  2. If you need to cancel your RSVP to any event (with or without a fee), you must either post on the event page or message the host that you will not be coming.  Our hosts want to meet you and will be looking for you, and it is easier if we know who is coming.  After 5 no-shows, we will message you to see if our group is still a good fit for you and your schedule.

Please remember to keep your RSVPs as current as possible.  Sometimes our events have waitlists, and we want everyone to have a fair chance of coming!  If you are on a waitlist, and have made other plans *please* update your RSVP to no as soon as possible.

Sick Policy
Please stay home if you or your child show any of these symptoms within the past 24 hours:
o A temperature of 100 degrees or higher
o Diarrhea or vomiting
o A rash
o Eye, ear or nasal discharge, other than clear
o Sore throat

Code of Conduct
• All members shall be considerate and respectful to the property of other members.

• Each member is responsible for her own child or children. Please remove your child from the immediate area if discipline is required. If your child displays aggressive behavior (including, but not limited to: hitting, biting, spitting, kicking, etc.), or is otherwise putting other children in danger, please remove him or her from the immediate area until the behavior can be corrected.

• Criticizing a member publicly (at an event or on our Facebook page) will not be tolerated. If disagreements do occur, we expect them to be handled privately. Any behavior deemed disrespectful to a member or to Wee Play will result in a warning. If you are unsure if your behavior is unacceptable, it probably is. If you feel you are being personally attacked in any way, please notify the organizers.

Wee Play is not responsible for your safety at events. We plan our events at public and private places and try our best to keep our kids safe, however there are no guarantees on child proofing, inherent physical risks, illnesses, etc at our events. Wee Play, our lead team, and our event hosts cannot be held liable for your or your child’s safety at an event. All children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Here is a list of our organizers:
Head Organizers: Natalie Roberts, Lindsay Martini, and Katy Taylor
Itty Bitty Coordinator: Brooks H and Rachel Hill
Waddler Coordinators: Julie Dolan and Jessica Melowski
Preschooler Coordinators: Valerie Oosterbaan and Amy Adams
Mom's Night Out Coordinators: Tara Carroll and Victoria Polizio