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What we’re about

Wellbeing Sheffield is a Meetup and group designed to improve the wellbeing of people in Sheffield. The definition of wellbeing is as follows:- the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy. This is the most important thing we have in life. But a lot of us today don’t look after our wellbeing. Influenced In particular by society and modern living, we’re neglecting our mental and physical health to the point where we are not living our most content lives.
Wellbeing Sheffield aims to help with this problem. Focusing on the four pillars of health, which are:- Mental, Physical, Spiritual and Emotional We will Meetup on a regular basis to
- Listen to expert talks
- Learn new wellbeing skills and tips
-Exercise your mind and body
- Share your thoughts in a safe environment
- Have fun and enjoy yourself!

This is an initiative we hope to drive through Sheffield and it is continuously evolving.
If you have any ideas and would like to host a Wellbeing Meetup, then please get in touch with the topic you would like to share or facilitate and we will support you the very best we can to make it a great meet up for all concerned

Best Wishes
Elie, Alex, and the rest of the organisers
PLEASE NOTE: These are NOT clinical therapy sessions and if you are seeing a mental health therapist, you should never replace those sessions with these.
These Meetups are for information and advice only, and to connect people together.
Please see your GP if you are experiencing serious mental health problems or side effects.