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Sailing Ibiza June holiday

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Sailing Ibiza June holiday one week €775.

Ibiza is probably the most beautiful island in the Mediterranean sea. You might know about clubs and bars, and people going partying. But Ibiza by sea is different, is just unique...hundreds of secluded coves, white sand beaches, beautiful reefs, dramatic landscapes and amazing weather. Yes, is the Ibiza only the few rich and famous know: the beach club by the sea, a picnic at the pink sand beach, Cava and lunch at an anchorage, sail with the wind, sunbathe, eat, drink, snorkel, sail more....dinner under the amazing, invigorating lifestyle!

I am organizing a sailing holiday week once more, just because I love it so much.

I have sail a lot around the Med and Atlantic, even SE Asia and, to me, no coast compares to this, in overall beauty: above and below water. (well.. maybe Phi Phi islands have something ;)....But beyond beauty, is a great sailing destination because is very safe and there are always places to go to if the weather turns.

To give you an idea of what a day on board will be like is: wake up, swim, breakfast, swim, get ready, sail, practice/learn bit of challenge, anchor for lunch (somewhere beautiful) eat, drink, sunbathe, swim, go ashore, walk the shore, swim back (or row on dinghy, or motor dinghy) have siesta, go sailing again, be lazy or polish your sailing skills, find a nice cove to spend the night, anchor....dinner on board or ashore on the nice restaurants on the beach...maybe drums on the, chill out, bikinis, smiles. (hope you get the picture ;)).......

The first day or two to get to Ibiza from Alicante will be different, we will probably cross from mainland Spain to the Islands at night.. so it will be a long day but amazing night sailing with the moon and the stars....unforgettable experience.

We will sail on a MCA fully coded 4 cabin Elan Impression 434 with professional RYA Yachtmaster instructor (and engineer) and myself a Yachtmaster who had work professionally as organizer and hostess on boats quite a lot....if you would like to know more about the boat or the sailing school/instructor I'm working with, please check this website:

The plan:

First and foremost is to have fun, learn and enjoy sailing, meet people, eat well, drink and be merry....a memorable holiday.

After that, is the trip schedule! which at sea is a bit dependent on weather, wind direction and other minor things. So, the most important thing is date of arrival which will be on the 10th of June, in Alicante harbour boarding at anytime after 5 pm until very late, and return date: 18th of June, leaving from Ibiza Airport at anytime. ( Fligths are very cheap about €100 euro to Alicante and €60 Ibiza-London). All the transfers from and to boat and airport are very easy and I will organize for no worries there.

I will draft an itinerary (photos below) to give you an idea, but at sea if you want to have fun, is paramount to go with the winds, so I would have to ask you to trust us on this. Safety is top priority and after that, everything is possible. You wont be disappointed. We will sail up the Alicante coast and cross to Formentera island then visit Formentera, Espalmador and Ibiza islands, for a whole week....will post some pictures, so you get the feel of it.

The cost of the holiday on board is €775 euros each, and that includes:

1-Sailing Boat charter rental, (MCA coded and insured, it means that is in optimal condition for sailing and safety)

2-Professional skipper/instructor and professional hostess/organizer/cook/first mate, who will take care of everything. (even if you have never sail before, between the both of us can man the boat, however, the idea is that you participate as much as you like/can)

3-Meals and drinks on board: breakfast, lunch, cooked dinners and snacks with wine/beer (but not if we go ashore)

4-Marina fees, mooring fees, diesel.

5-Dinghy/zodiac with overboard engine to go ashore and the necessary petrol.

6-Lining, bedding, a towel and complementary toiletries (so you just need to bring a small cabin bag)

So basically you come along with your cabin bag and the will to have fun. All the equipment/clothes needed you have it at home already, nothing fancy, but will send a detail list of what to bring and not to bring...its easy.

Week 1- Alicante - Altea-Denia - Formentera -Ibiza.

Alicante coast

Denia our last stop before crossing to Formentera

Formentera and Espalmador islands paradise white sands, with Ibiza in the background.

Previous years trips to Ibiza-Formentera were absolutely amazing, please look a the photo album in the Photos section of our website.

How to book this trip.

The cost of the sailing holidays is €775

To reserve pay the €275 deposit when you rsvp via paypal and two weeks before boarding you pay the rest €500.

Flights: you wait until we have 5 people signed up and I give the go ahead and book.

Cancellation: If the trip does not go ahead because there is no enough people I will refund the deposits fully. If you cancel late and someone takes your place from the waiting list (normally happens) I will also refund fully.

Any questions please ask me and book soon to avoid disappointment!!!

Masi ;-)

Below the Blue Marlin beach bar....our favorite for a cool afternoon !
Marina de Alicante
Puerto de Alicante, Muelle de levante · Alicante
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