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What we’re about

If you want to country dance with a group of welcoming people, then this group is for you.

Contra dancing is a form of country dancing that is not unlike square dancing, but easier - more regular in the pattern of the dance calls made by the caller.

It is also danced to traditional live country music, played by musicians playing such instruments as the fiddle, mandolin, flute, etc.

Like square dancing, while you are welcome to come to a dance with a partner to dance with, you are equally welcome to come by yourself and just ask someone to dance, with everyone ultimately dancing together with everyone else. So it is a form of dancing that is ideal for both the bashful and the bold, as if you are she, you can just wait for someone to ask you to dance, and if bold, you can just go for it.

The culture of contra dancing is one of welcoming and fun - sheer joy of movement - that originates from a time when regular dances were the main way people socialized and met new people at the local grange hall. While in the old days, things may have been different, at today's contra dances everyone is free to ask everyone else to dance, so everyone is included, singles along with couples, and everyone dancing with everyone else in any case over the course of any give music contra danced to.

So if you like having fun, and even if you have never danced before - as contra dance moves are fairly simple and regular, unlike ball room dancing - come join us contra dance, come one, come all.

All are welcome, whatever your age - all you have to do is enjoy dancing or want to dance. If you have not been a dancer before, no worries. We will go half an hour early for all those unfamiliar with the simple contra dance moves to learn them.

See you at the dance!

(Note: Each dance costs $10 to pay for the rental of the dance hall and such, with the option of membership which comes with a discount.

Also, English dances will also be included in the meetups, which are somewhat more complicated in the patterns, but equally fun in their own way! Just pretend you dancing in 18th or 19th century England, without the poofy dresses and coattails and you get the idea!)