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What we’re about

We are a meetup devoted to the discussion of psychology. We host talks by experts and general discussions on topics of interest and share expertise, knowledge and experience. The meetings are for anyone interested in psychology be they an academic, practitioner, student or just a general interest psychology.  The important thing is no prior knowledge is need everyone is welcome. 

Some events on the page at organised and funded by The British Psychological Society (BPS) West Midlands Branch but they will always be events that are open to the public i.e. no membership to the society is required.  

We expect all participants to respect that this group promotes a wide range of views and levels of prior knowledge. Members are welcome to suggest topics that they would like to discuss/lead to an organiser.

Meetings are free of charge, but primarily buying something at the venue would be the most helpful thing you can do as this gets us the room for free.

In the meantime if you want something to read then we recommend the BPS Reseach Digest