What we're about

Bicycle rides for all skill levels since 2012.

Founded by Al & JoAnn WVCBR was a group designed for the everyday rider. It allowed folks from all ability levels to come together and ride without egos.

Phil Davis was given the stewardship of the group after Al and Jo retired to the Pacific Northeast; Naomi joined Phil in co-hosting the group after being a member for almost a decade.

Event activity level, route distance, ride surface and speed vary, based on group preference. The focus of this group is to promote a healthy lifestyle and year-round activity in a relaxed social atmosphere.

NOBODY GETS LEFT BEHIND.  Helmets and hydration means are mandatory.

Use lights for any rides other than in bright daylight.

Release of Liability:
The organizer(s) and host(s) of this event is a volunteer and not a professional ride leader.

The function of the organizer/host is only to organize the event. Each person who signs up for and participates in an event or outing is responsible for his or her own safety and the safety of his or her guests.

By signing up for and participating with WVCBR events, you are acknowledging that you are aware and have made your guests aware of the risks, dangers and hazards associated with this activity and freely accept all such risks, dangers and hazards, and fully assume responsibility for your own safety, and further agree to release and discharge the organizers of this event from and against any and all liability arising from your and your guest's participation in the group activities.

You ride at your own risk and are responsible for your safety.

By RSVP'ing AND/OR showing up for a ride, you agree that WVCBR, it's organizers, hosts and members, WILL NOT be held Legally Responsible for ANY Incidents that might Occur on our Group Rides

Upcoming events (4+)

Saturday Ride Series

8866 W Thunderbird Rd

This will be a weekly ride with distances beginning at 30 miles.

Destinations will change weekly. Estimated average speeds 13 - 14 mph.
This is a no drop ride.

All participants are responsible for knowing how to ride in a group safely.
Helmets are required, no ear buds may be worn while riding.

Lights are recommended as well as nutrition and hydration appropriate for the temperatures.

Hosts may change weekly as well as starting locations. Be sure to check the start point when you RSVP.

When we start at Rio Vista - Meet in the very last parking lot beyond the baseball fields.

Saturday Beginners - with Arthuro & Catherine

8866 W Thunderbird Rd

New Saturday beginners series.

Arthuro and Catherine will take turns leading this group.

The ride may have different start locations each week, so be sure to check the location when you sign up.

This ride is designed specifically for beginners.

Distances will be between 5-10 miles with speeds being determined by the needs of the group, likely 9-11 mph.

Helmets are required, hydration is recommended and earbuds are not to be worn while riding. Each rider should carry a spare tube, ride leaders can assist with mechanical needs.

Sunday Bear Claw (bi-monthly)

Needs a location

This is always a casual conversationally paced no drop ride to the New York West bakery.

We will ride a total of 10 miles with additional miles later if desired.

All levels of ability and types of bicycles welcome. Don't forget your helmets and lights recommended. No earbuds while riding.

Hosts may change weekly

We hope to see you at the Bear Claw.

We park at the very end of the parking lot on the NE corner after the baseball fields.

Monday Intermediate Ride Series 7pm

8866 W Thunderbird Rd

This is not a beginners ride, we aim to maintain a 11-13 mph pace.
We will ride 15 - 20 miles. Start times range between 6 - 7 pm depending on the time of year.

Please check with this site 1 hour before ride time to note any cancellation due to weather.

We will not ride during dust storms, in rain or chance of lightning.

Helmets lights, and the tools/gear to change a flat required. No earbuds while riding

Please be sure to bring enough hydration for the temperature outside.
Our primary starting point will be Rio Vista park, but that is subject to change and may be updated. Please confirm the start location when you RSVP

Hosts may change weekly.

@ Rio Vista - We park at the very end of the parking lot on the NE corner after the baseball fields.

Past events (2,077)

Monday Meander 15-20 miles

8866 W Thunderbird Rd

Find us also at