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What we’re about

We are a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning and same-gender loving community interested in group social activities such as bike riding, music events, dog walks, film nights, hikes, food, etc.  The main goal of the group is to develop a culture of fun, adventure, connection and friendships.
Come on out…play and create community with us.

Important Information and Member Responsibility
~ Please provide your first name and a recognizable photo of yourself in your profile. We want to find each other at events and get to know each other "live and in person". Also adds to the security of the group!
~ I love suggestions, feel free to contact me if you have an idea for a meetup or would like to join the leadership team!
~ Please make these Meetup events a priority, so our group can thrive and grow. If you have 3 no shows you will be removed, so please update your RSVP to NO if you are not able to attend. A “no show” is when you RSVP YES and not show up or not message me (use comment section or private message) to let me know you can’t make it prior to the event starting. It is simple - just be courteous.
~ Keep your membership active by checking out the site periodically. You can also be removed at any point at the organizer’s discretion. Hate or drama will never be tolerated.
~ Participation in any and all events is at your own risk and you acknowledge that some Meetup events carry inherent dangers, such as the risk of illness or injury. By signing up for and participating in these events, you understand and agree that you have freely chosen to assume these risks. Event organizers and those connected to this group may not be held responsible for the safety or well-being of any member, guest or their pets who choose to attend these meetups.
~ I will try my best to go up to all that attend each event and introduce myself, especially with first timers, but don’t be shy if you see me first- come say hi!
Looking forward to meeting you all!  
~ Peter - Organizer