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What we’re about

For those who enjoy flat water paddling and calm scenic rivers.  (Okay, occasionally a few class I & II ripples.)
• You must have your own boat (kayak or canoe) or access to one before becoming a member of this group. 

• An  identifying photo of yourself is required so we'll recognize you when we meet!  (As this is a closed group, only other members will be able to see it.)
• Your profile 'name' should be what you'd like us to call you.  First name and last name or initial is preferred.
We're not instructors, so it's up to you to know your kayaking skills and have proper equipment.  Some of our river trips will require some white water experience and you should know how to self-rescue.  If you do fall out of your boat, you’ll need to get yourself to shore and get back in your boat.  We'll wait—and help, if we can. 😎
Our event organizers plan and post events so kayakers can meet in the same place at the same time to paddle together.  The event hosts will welcome you and introduce you to the others.  Remind them if they forget.
Please consider contributing $3 to $5 per season toward your organizer's semi-annual Meetup fees. Thanks.

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