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What we’re about

Camping, whether in a tent or RV, in a state park or a private resort, is best enjoyed as a social activity! Why spend gloomy evenings alone in your rig when you could be around a campfire with newfound friends, sharing stories and having a laugh!

We know that people seek different experiences when camping, so we plan a variety of outings with differing focuses. Some are party camp-outs, others are family-oriented, some are planned around an event like a concert or fair, and some are planned around an activity like kayaking or fishing. We plan trips for weekends  and we offer longer  trips .

We know that many campers and RVers may have families and are also pet-lovers.  Our camp-outs may be child-friendly and pet-friendly, so long as the venue we're camping in is also (please always check the venue if you have questions about this).  In case of changes from this, please read the descriptions of each outing thoroughly.

All manner of campers are welcome here, whether you have a pup tent or a huge RV rig or anything in-between. My goal as the organizer is to have at least one camping trip per month, and it's up to you all as the members to help me by organizing cool meetups you'd like to see happen or come up with great trips everyone will enjoy!