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What we’re about

The Whole Child Network is a non-profit resource support network founded in 2009 with a goal to connect parents, caregivers, educational and health professionals and all others interested in supporting the wellbeing of highly sensitive young people.


The mission of the Whole Child Network is: To educate, empower and support sensitive young people to transcend labels, limitations and circumstances to live healthy, vibrant and balanced lives. 

Sensitive young people are children and youths who often experience a heightened response from their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual environments. They typically encounter conditions which involve: - Allergies and Sensitivities (eg. Food, Environmental, Electromagnetic) - Learning and Behaviour Issues (eg. ADD/ADHD, ASD - Autism Spectrum Disorder) 

We aim to accomplish our mission by: - providing a resource and support network to connect parents, caregivers, teachers and coaches of sensitive children and youths. - offering products, services, resources and tools which support and create balance for young people at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. - creating a safe, positive, supportive and nurturing environment for sensitive young people to connect, learn, and grow and to express themselves with clarity and authenticity.

We invite parents, caregivers, educational and health professionals and all other stakeholders who wish to make a positive contribution to the wellbeing of sensitive young people to join us to grow this network. 

Co-Founders Angela Shim & Kelly Konstantopoulos 

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