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We are on a mission to help people do more real estate deals in Boston. We will teach you everything you need to know to be a successful investor!

They are able to provide our attendees with the best networking opportunity, trade discounts, and may other benefits through their affiliation with NationalREIA.org

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Uncovering the Secrets of Profiting from Airbnb - with Al Williamson

Featuring Mr. Al Williamson, "The World's 1st Landlord Scientist"

Many Airbnb hosts are facing strict city ordinances and licensing requirements that severely limit their ability to make extra income. You may be one of them.

But there’s still hope. At our meeting you will discover how you may be able to generate the same above-market income by providing Airbnb as extended stay rentals.

Many people are even able to boost their cash flow enough to replace their W-2 jobs using the information Al will be sharing!


• How to Increase Your Profits by leveraging the FULL powers of Airbnb (and doing so without all the hassle of one-night stays)
• A detailed blueprint you can follow that is proven to increase your rental’s net income potential

• The most lucrative way to operate a rental property (without breaking any laws)

• How to get started even if you don't have a big wad of cash or a ton of extra time to be host

• How to set up Extended Stay Rentals that create 3x profits in "Non-Touristy" areas.

• A secret way of creating a legal Airbnb that satisfies ordinances.

• How to compete against local extended stay hotels so you can reach your financial goals.

• A "twist on AirBnB" that helps you earn twice as much as what 90% of other investors are doing!

• A simple 6-step process for making a boatload of cash off rentals whether you own them or not.

Here is what people say about Al:

“He convinced me to start chasing corporate rentals and get out of this one and two night nonsense”

"Al gets right down to the brass tacks with zero fluff and just shows you the precise ways of maximizing your margins “

"It’s been two years and with 5 corporate rentals I’m able to leave my job. Thanks Al Williamson!”

“Al is to Airbnb what Tony Robbins is to inspirational change...”

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