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What we’re about

Prior to receiving the event Zoom ID, you'll be asked to confirm your service/profession via email- thank you for taking the extra step |

See Why Attendees Call us a  "Business Finishing School” |

In February of 2020, the Wildfire Business Networking Organization transitioned to a hybrid ZOOM and In-person format |
Our standard setting format spanning from 1993 to 2020, continues on Zoom in addition to monthly in-person meetings. In-person, breakfast, lunch and dinner meetings supplement our full meeting format.

Wildfire Business Networking WILL Exceed Your Expectations |

The Westside’s longest running one-member-per-profession business group - 30 years strong |

Weekly meetings draw up to 70 professionals | Our events are a diverse blend of startups and established businesses. Long-time members; Guests eligible for membership; and Visitors inquiring about the organization attend on a weekly basis | Our energy, organization, and genuine commitment will exceed expectations |

Our one-member-per-profession format provides the best possible environment to generate referrals |

Visitors |
Attendees in already-represented services, i.e., “Visitors” are asked to observe a few courtesies | Details provided in our Visitor Invite doc | Zoom ID provided after you review and confirm your comfort with our “Visitor Restrictions” |

Guests |
Attendees in OPEN professional categories, i.e.,  “Guests,” receive our Guest Invite doc with details and ZOOM ID, after their professional category is confirmed. Guests participate in infomercials, promote their service in chat, and may apply for official membership |

Tips for Networking on ZOOM |

  • If you’re new to the Zoom platform, maybe setup a practice meeting with colleagues, friends or family. A little practice can’t hurt |
  • Camera angle at eye-level, and light source facing you can make a world of difference |
  • Earbuds used for music typically have a built-in microphone ideal for phone calls and ZOOM meetings. You likely own a quality pair already. Bluetooth connect and go! |

Early social start time 7:00 am | Official start time 7:30 am

What to expect

  • Zoom etiquette summary
  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • Committee Reports
  • Scheduled presentations (Two Speakers)
  • Infomercials (members and Guests participate)
  • Possible "break-out rooms"

*Guests” in OPEN categories participate in Infomercials |

Be ready to give a 20-30 second Infomercial. Feel free to share your contact info in our Zoom chat |

Meeting Conclusion 
Guests and Visitors may join our end-of-meeting Break-out Room for Q & A. with members of the Exit Committee. Expect a relaxed setting. "Joining Summary" and application may be requested |

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