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This witches meetup is specifically for those who practice the craft. It is not necessary to be of a special tradition or path to network with others interested in the Occult. The organizers of this group welcome those with a desire to learn the craft, Pagan newbies or proficient spellworkers to join us for food, libation and good olde tymes.

WITCHES OF THE CROSSROADS is the forerunner of upstate teaching groves in devotion to Hecate , holding classes, exchanging knowledge and views on metaphysical topics and following a study group format for serious coven work. Lesson plans are monthly and continuing for a year and a day, culmanating in initiation into coven or solitary dedication. There are multiple locations in New Paltz, Woodstock, Albany/Saratoga, Newburg, and the Poughkeepsie area. We also have a teaching grove in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

If you are a tarot reader or divination specialist and would like to be included in our Spiritual Lightworks Psychic Team ...contact Lady Morgana to put your name on our list of professionals to work special events.

Join our NYS Tarot Meetup or NYC Tarot Meetup and take our classes in Poughkeepsie, Albany or Manhattan. Bring your deck of cards for tarot tradeoffs. ...check for dates and time.

Lady Morgana of Avallone, HPS, Organizer

Hawthorne, HP, Coorganizer

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