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We are a long-established monthly book club meeting in Williamsburg. We have a number of longtime members but always have new folks as well and we find that mix works very well. You are warmly invited to join us.

Our books are decided by monthly vote, and can be of any genre. After reading, we'll get together on the second Wednesday of the month at a local Williamsburg bar to discuss. The discussion is causal and unpretentious and you are welcome to participate to whatever extent you prefer.

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The Invisibility Cloak (NYRB Classics Originals) by Ge Fei

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For June we're reading The Invisibility Cloak (NYRB Classics Originals) by Ge Fei (Author), Canaan Morse (Translator) (144 pgs). Hope to see you then! About the book: The hero of The Invisibility Cloak lives in contemporary Beijing—where everyone is doing their best to hustle up the ladder of success while shouldering an ever-growing burden of consumer goods—and he’s a loser. Well into his forties, he’s divorced (and still doting on his ex), childless, and living with his sister (her husband wants him out) in an apartment at the edge of town with a crack in the wall the wind from the north blows through while he gets by, just, by making customized old-fashioned amplifiers for the occasional rich audio-obsessive. He has contempt for his clients and contempt for himself. The only things he really likes are Beethoven and vintage speakers. Then an old friend tips him off about a special job—a little risky but just don’t ask too many questions—and can it really be that this hopeless loser wins? This provocative and seriously funny exercise in the social fantastic by the brilliantly original Ge Fei, one of China’s finest living writers, is among the most original works of fiction to come out of China in recent years. It is sure to appeal to readers of Haruki Murakami and other fabulists of contemporary irreality.

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Little Fires Everywhere: A Novel by Celeste Ng

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