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We are explorers of urban Chicago. We check out neighborhoods, restaurants, parks, historical sites and other notable Chicagoland locations. These are places you might not otherwise travel alone. The convenience of group activities lends itself to lots of new opportunities and friendships. We must be on to something, because people keep coming back!

We are a welcoming group of people of all race, creed, religion, color, age and gender. YOU are welcome to join us if you can keep up, are friendly and interested in meeting new people who will enrich your life!

Please join our mailing list at this link: http://vid.us/smyzum . Please visit and like our Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/windycityexplorers/) Page at this link (https://www.facebook.com/windycityexplorers/).

If you'd like to interact further with your friends from this group, we encourage you to hook up with our Linkedin Group at this link and to be sure to post your other social media contact information in your profile. Many of us have done this and it helps to keep in touch!

Our group founders are local real estate brokers with our very own independent brokerage, the Windy City Explorers Real Estate LLC! We would love to assist you in buying or selling a home in Chicagoland.

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Tom & Chantal maintain an email list to provide news, stories and information of interest to the Windy City Explorers. Please sign up at this link: http://vid.us/smyzum

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This event, date and time merely serve as a placeholder and notice of a unique opportunity for individual consultation. We're happy to visit with you anywhere, anytime convenient for us. Read the full details below. Would you enjoy your very own private consultation about things to see and do in Chicago? Are you looking for a new venue or experience for yourself, your business or your family? Perhaps you've got family coming to town and you're looking for recommendations on creating an unforgettable experience. Perhaps you're thinking of dipping your toe into something new and need recommendations for particular and specific things. We are here to lend a hand and offer you a private one-on-one consultation based on the extensive resources we've developed in the Windy City Explorers! Our experience extends not only to things in Chicago. We have experiences across the globe we'd love to share. We can tell you all about crossing the ocean in a small sailboat, hiking the hills of Ireland, enjoying a bottle of wine at the Eiffel Tower or a quick weekend getaway to Milwaukee, San Francisco, Vegas or New York City!! This is a complimentary but reciprocal service where you'll be giving to us in addition to receiving our counsel. You see, we offer this service as a way to get to know our members! It's extremely valuable for us to connect with YOU individually on a personal basis and learn from one another. We'd love to hear your feedback of our events and take the opportunity to share what we each have to offer. Contact us privately by sending a message to arrange your visit. These office hours take place at one of our "creativity lounges" throughout the city at a location and time convenient for both of us. We'll discuss the particulars when you reach out to us. Remember, the only cost to you for this consultation is your genuine feedback, camaraderie and willingness to listen to us as we share some cool things for you! Don't know just what it is you're looking for?? We can help with that too. Just reach out and let's chat!

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