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What we’re about

 I may just be the ideal person to represent the Italian culture because I am Italian-American raised in the smells and cultures of Italy in NYC and hope to bring my personal experiences to the group to keep it going strong.

My parents are 100% Italian while I was born in NYC as a first generation Italian-American Paone. Growing up, I spend many Summers in Italy and recall them to be the best Summer's of my childhood. Spending the Summer months in Italy was a special time allowing me to experience Italian culture not only at home but first-hand in the homeland. I am excited to share my experiences with you. Come to an event and I’ll tell you my stories over nice red wine or two.

My fiancé and I started and manage a wine group on Long Island, we organize wine tasting parties and plan to do the same in New York City with this group. What better way to learn about a culture than to taste their wine and food? I am a guy I who thinks with his stomach. I also run a sports group that is where I met Helen my fiancée.

I am planning to doing events with a venue where we will provide a several varieties of wine paired with food tastings. No this is not going to be a typical wine tasting where you sit down at a dinner while someone goes on and on about the wine you’re drinking and how it works with the food you’re eating. I enjoy those types of events but I find them to be a little tedious at times. What I’m hoping accomplish is to have events where there will be stations with food and wine with a knowledgeable person serving you a sample of both. You’ll be free to walk around and mingle.


If you have an ideas for the group or if you wish to help out organizing parties let me know.


We're looking forward to meeting you all.