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What we’re about

Have a good bottle of wine but do not have anyone to share it with? Love to wine and dine but don't know where? Really love to try wines but don't know which or where to start? Would really like to know more bout wines?  Sounds familiar.. you are not alone..

In fact, the above situation is the essence why Wines Tasting Malaysia is born from..

Wine Tasting Malaysia is an online wine tasting group based in Malaysia with a quest to gather wine enthusiasts all over Malaysia.

Our Wine Tasting Malaysia 's event are either self organized or hand picked based on the featured  wines and appeal to our fellow WINEderful People. Wine Tasting Malaysia events  foster wine lovers like you to mingle and network, be it .. a sharing on art of wines tasting or food pairing, blind tasting or simply just  to unwind to a long week. 

You may be a wine sommelier, wine lovers, wine geeks, or simply a wine newbies but as long as you are passionate about wines . You are one of us, a WINEderful People of Wine Tasting Malaysia